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Anlance Protection’s, Ltd. Patrol and Site Security personnel can receive and respond to security, maintenance and parking related issues by using mobile devices while in the field that connect to our secure online tracking and reporting system. Our customers can access this information at any time during the day or night to monitor their business or personal security areas.

Anlance Protection, Ltd. provides your business personnel with the exact details of a reported issue within moments of being reported. All reported issues are time stamped and assigned an automated ID number. With this green software, Anlance Protection agents and designated business contact personnel have approved access to view and monitor all reported issues, photographs, and recorded audio files within minutes of being reported from any Internet accessed PC. Anlance Protection’s Patrol Unit and Site Security agents can track each handheld filed user(s) GPS location each time an issue occurs in the field. Having the information in a detailed format and in a timely manner prevents any confusion and helps to determine the best course of action in an emergency. Having facts clearly defined and names and phone numbers of people to contact is very important and can make the difference in a successful apprehension of the perpetrator and prevent further damage to your business assets.

As an effective protection agency, our guards must remain in motion. Each of our customers have exclusive use of Anlance Protection, Ltd.’s 24/7 Tracking and Reporting System which is customized to your specific business needs and objectives. This reporting system allows our on-site Patrol and Site Security agents to report issues in real time.

This unique reporting feature enables our customers to view any and all reports immediately or at their convenience by email. With this paperless, “Go Green” system, Anlance officers have the capability to instantly notify multiple owners, managers, or designated personnel in an emergency situation.

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